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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Does The Size Make Any Difference?

There are some who build their BH Huge in size.... 100ft x 75ft... Wow... amazing. Look at this photo.

Look at this one.... 2 identical blocks of 3 storeys 50ft x 150ft BH.

Look at this one. Single storey 12ft x 24ft... really cost saving. I like that...

Bird Houses In Kapong

I went for a trip down to Kapong for site seeing. I took some photos of those BHs along the road. They are plenty of them. As you can see none of them are identical. They all varies in term of size, shape, materials used and external features. They are some small and simple BHs which are well occupied while some big ‘hotels’ are still fairy empty. So, what actually determine the final outcome? Knowledge about this wildlife and a bit of luck, I suppose.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Swiftlet Farming In The Central Region Of Sarawak

Swiftlet farming has become one of the fast grow industry over the last few years in the central region of Sarawak stretching from Bintulu, Balingian, Mukah, Sibu, Bintangor, Sarikei, Kabong, Sg. Alit, Tg. Manis, Belawai, Daro, Dalat, Matu, Oya, Beruit,, Saratok, Spoah, Pusa and so on. Among those areas, the fastest growth is those towns that are located nearby the seaside.

Five years ago swiftlet farming was not known by many people but now it has become a popular career. Previously, lands within this region are of no interest by many people especially in the remote area near by the seaside which is not accessible. However, the cost of lands had appreciated tremendously over the last few years. Even the land sales advertisement nowadays tends to attract the purchaser by emphasizing that it is suitable for swiftlet farming.

Swiftlet farming has started to become a hot topic everywhere you go and is a talk in 'kopitian'. Why swiftlet farming becomes so attractive? The main reasons are:

a) It is a lucrative business that can bring steady income or wealth to the farmer.
b) It is a business that does not require high investment cost.
c) It is a business that requires very minimal operation and maintenance costs.
d) It is a business that is not labour intensive and not affected by weather.
e) It is a stable and long term business. The longer, the merrier.

Hence, it started to mushroom within a very short period of times although it is still considered an illegal business as there aren't any comprehensive government policies to assist the development of this industry.

Hundreds of employments were generated in those small towns which made those towns livelier. Everyone is trying their luck, hopping that they are able to share the piece of cake or some people call it as white gold bar, a gift from God. Among those are the locals who benefited directly. However, they are also outsiders from other towns and even as far as from Peninsular Malaysia who had bought lands to build their bird house there.

In town areas, many top floor of the shoplots had been converted into 'Swiftlet Hotel' especially those not facing the main road. It is hopping that the hotel would be able to generate much higher income from the saliva of the swiftlets than renting it to human being. Abandoned houses were also being converted to attract the stay of the swiftlets. There is high demand on old timber houses as well because the farmer wanted the timber materials for constructing the bird house.

The swiftlet farming has seen to boost the construction industry in this region. There is no sign of economic slow down in this region where many construction of bird houses can be seen along the road. The swiftlet farming has brought hope to the people in this region.